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Published: 2021-08-04 19:05:08
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Through extended research and personal beliefs, I believe the application of dress code serves as a beneficial position towards the school environment and student body. As a few advantages, dress code promotes a more sophisticated learning atmosphere, reduces social pressure, and can reduce the prevalence of such violent or promiscuous behaviours. For decades across the nation, dress code has and continues to present itself as a purposeful utilization, and I, for one, believe we should continue to employ its standards. One of the prime advantages to implementing dress code is the proficient learning environment that follows.
When distracting clothing is removed from the picture, concentration is directed towards the professor and material being taught– not the peers. Mindless of revealing material, some clothings contain vulgar expressions or violence, something not only highly distraction, but offensive. By allowing the exposure of such wear, a classroom is stripped from its ability to effectively learn and teach. In addition to adopting appropriate dress at a younger age, it serves as practice for the real world as we prepare for professional occupations in the near future.
Another use of dress code lies in its ability to foster greater focus on education while diminishing social pressures and indifference. Dress code, specifically uniforms, eliminate social conformities as every student is compelled to dress accordingly to the handbook. Less time is spent focused on what other individuals are wearing, and more on the classroom. Though some may argue dress code restricts students from being able to express themselves, it is important to understand there are other ways in which creativity can be expressed; writing and art included.
Dressing as a means to express oneself may reflect danger or misleading signs, giving way to greater conflict than what was initially intended. Essentially, dress code is significant in preparing students for the real world in showing what’s appropriate and under which setting. After some in-depth research on the topic at hand, it is rather obvious the positive impact dress code has on the school environment. Since the turn of the century, the number of public schools that have employed dress codes has increased 21%. The reasoning behind this recent spike could be connected to the Columbine High School shooting. On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on their own school, killing 12 of their fellow students.
After this tragedy, people have found these two to have been wearing suspicious clothing– trench coats large enough to hold weaponry. After the revealing of this information, schools have started to adjust their policies to address the issue. This horrific incident has led 54% of schools nationwide to regulate stricter dress codes, with only 2% of schools regulating none. This includes the fingertip rule, where shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than one’s fingertips when they are down.
As the statistics and the benefits indicate, the continuation of dress code on campus holds a purposeful need on both a social and educational stance. Essentially, social norms become regulated, focus is directed on the course material, and the early practice of dressing accordingly to setting all contribute to vital necessities for adulthood. By regularly exercising dress code, it is with great belief that the academic atmosphere as a whole will continue to thrive and give way to its highest potential.

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