Cosi Fan Tutte

Published: 2021-07-10 08:20:05
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Cosi Fan Tutte is a great performance written in Italian language and composed by Mozart and performed at Playhouse Theater. From the start, the sauciness was clearly played with Nicholas Charmers being responsible for playing overture that gave performance a hoover continuo. This paper strives to give a review of Sethi Cos Fan Tutte by looking at the quality of performance especially the use of music. In addition the will focus on key aspect of the performance that influence my reaction.
To start with, walking to Playhouse Theater, I was a bit skeptical of what to expect and how I would enjoy. I went with an open mind, ready to enjoy every bit of the performance but unfortunately I had hard time maintain eye contact and paying attention to the performance. In my view, Sethi Cos Fan Tutte was a great performance but lacked the kindly of music, language and intensity that usually capture my attention. The fact that the scrip is written in Italian completely disoriented my focus and I kept watching at audience who did not understand the language like myself. I have spoken nor studied Italian and therefore I had difficult time keeping along with the show. Translation of words on a screen that was above worsened the situation as I constantly kept looking up and completely lost the flow.
I had never attended opera in the past and as result was excited to experience something new. However, my excitement turned to distress due to the constant singing which I was not used to. The Italian singing frustrated me as I was unable to listen and follow the show concurrently. I highly appreciated the hard work of having wide range of music in the performance despite the fact that I did not like the music itself. To make the situation worse, the music was sang in Italian and completely killed my interest. I found myself dozing off or day dreaming in the middle of the show.
I have watched highly engaging music this semester and my presence in the opera marked on of my dull moments. However, I marked one involving and hilarious moment when Despina and women were discuss their love lives. There was intense emotional moments that captured my attention until I realized that I was not understanding the words and the music. In my view, the performance was not eye-capturing and thus required sweet music capture my attention. The lack of such music and hilarious moment kept me completely detached from the performance. Lack of understandable language and intense music not only stole my appeal but also confused my attention in the performance.
In conclusion, Cosi Fan Tutte was indeed a great performance which unfortunately could not capture my attention. The music that was used within the performance was not my preferred type of music, so I had an immediate bias against the show. With the lack of intensity to add the other overall factors, created a show that I had a tough time enjoying. I cannot deny all of the hard work and dedication that goes into putting on an Opera Performance, but it is not a show that I particularly enjoy. Cosi Fan Tutte was an amazing experience, but was one of my least favorite performances this semester.

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