Comparison of Islam and Christianity

Published: 2021-08-28 02:05:07
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Many religions concur that Jesus did in fact exist. For example, Muslims agree with the presence of Jesus as part of the Trinity. Islamic faith only differs on some aspects of the doctrine such as the resurrection. The same applies to Judaism which varies on Christ’s position as a prophet. Islam was founded by Muhammad with a narrative closely related to that of Christ’s mission. The spread of Islam and Christianity bear a resemblance and share success stories as well as failures.
Christianity began in 33 CE, much earlier than Islam in 622 CE. However, it appears their goals were identical. The purpose of Christianity was to spread the teachings, just as the apostles had been instructed to by Jesus. The ultimate goal included converting people into worthy candidates to inherit God’s kingdom through salvation by Christ. Islam, via the Prophet Muhammad, aimed at spreading what was deemed as the true religion of Allah. Islamic teachings were different in content because Muslims were issued a different tale of the Trinity and God’s intentions for humanity (Tharoor, 2016). The similarities were that both, to the present day, seek to spread God’s love and word.
The many hostilities Christianity faced can be seen by the gruesome deaths of apostles via stoning and decapitations. Political leaders holding alternative beliefs made some territories inaccessible to Christians. However, success was experienced in the form of mission work whose impact can be seen in the 21st century in the way of 2 billion Christians. Islam failed in spreading the appropriate ideology (Qureshi, 2016). The lack of a proper foundation and teachings could explain why some members of Islam cling to a philosophy of violence. Although regions such as UAE serve as models of Islam’s peaceful coexistence and prosperity, the broader Middle East is war-torn with conflicts between Shia and Sunni. This is a significant failure of the religion because Catholics and Protestants have not continued with violence and radicalism.
Conclusively, all evidence points to two religions that have historically attempted to outshine each other. This rivalry dates back centuries and the two are responsible for ideological differences resulting in endless bloodshed in the form of religious and cultural conflict. To an extent the pioneers are to blame for not setting a proper precedent. However, little can get done when people consciously choose to interpret the Qur’an and the Holy Bible in ways that suit their own interests.

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