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Published: 2021-07-05 01:10:04
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Journal 9 In this activity, you will design one or more parts of your life plan or more parts of your life plan. To focus your thoughts, glances back at Pillar’s life plan and use it as a mode. 1. Title a new page in jour journal: MY LIFE PLAN. Before the title, complete the part of your life plan for your role as a student. My Dream: My dream is to obtain a BA degree in Health Information Management. I want to obtain this level of degree so I can work my way up to Health Information Administrator at a Hospital My Life Role: Student
My Long Term Goal in This Role: My long term goals are to finish the Health Information Management program at tech and transfer to USC to obtain my BA degree. After I finish my education I plan to get a job at a Hospital and work my way up in promotions. My Short Term Goals: My short term goals as a student is to make B’s or better in order to keep my scholarship. (4 years) Don’t procrastinate on assignments, (4 years) Go to school during the summer in order to obtain my degree faster. (June 2011) Retain everything I learn. (4 years) 2.
Write about what you have learned or relearned by designing your life plan. I have learned that I need to get my priories together and self-assure myself that college is the right path for me. It has let me know that the biggest reason that I want a degree is so I can obtain a good job so I can have the lifestyle that I have always wanted. My life plan is to obtain my BA degree and work my way up Admission at the hospitals. When I settle down and have kids I want to work at a doctor’s office so I can have better work hours to work around family.
Journal 10 In this activity, you will visualize the accomplished of one of your most important goals and dreams. Once you vividly picture this ideal outcome, you will have strengthened your commitment to achieve it, and you will know how to do the same thing with all of your goals and dreams. 1. Write a visualization of the exact moment in the future when you are experiencing the accomplishment of your biggest goals or dreams in your role as a student. I am dressed in a garnet cap and gown. There is a gold honors cord around my neck.
I can hear the crowd clapping and my dad’s is shouting “hout hout hout” in the crowd as hid arm is being sling. My brother is blowing a horn as my name is called and I am walking across the stage. I have a serious look on my face due to stage fright as I am walking but when I see my professors at the end with my diploma in his hand a smile appears on my face and I shake his and as I accept my BA degree. For visual appeal, consider also drawing a picture of your goal or dream in your journal . Or cut pictures from magazines and use them to illustrate your writing. f you are writing your journal on a computer, consider adding clip art that depicts your visualization . Allow your creativity to support your dream. Remember the 4 key to an effective visualization 1 . Relax 2. Present tense verbs 3. All five senses 4. Emotion Journal 8 In this Journal entry, you’ll identify your desired outcome and experience for this course and/or this semester. Developing clarity on what you want to create this semester will help you stay motivated and on course until the end.
Use the student examples earlier in this section as models, but of course records your own desired outcome, experience and reasons. 1. In your journal, draw an empty table like Table 3. 1. Fill in 3 or more of your own desire outcoem for this course and/or this semester. Next to each, explain why you value achieving that outcome. Desired of outcomes Value Maintain at least a 3. 0 GPA| This GPA will allow me to keep my scholarships for the next for years and allow me to attend school debt free which will be good when I finish school and own no money. Get my community service hours done as fast a possible. | Getting my community service hour done quickly will allow me to learn to not procrastinate on things and to be ensured I got my assignment done without problems | Lean how to write a research paper faster | This will help me construct papers without having to look up how to do it. | 2. In your journal, place an empty table like Table 3. 2 Fill in 3 or more of your own desired experience for this course and/or this semester. Next to each, explain why you value achieving that experience.
Desired experience Value Intreast| I value achieveing this experience because if I am not intrsted in what I am learning it is harder to pay attenchen in class. | Better Confidence in college| I value achieving this experience because I get overwhelm with my college work load and don’t feel that I can get it all done | Studing Confidence | I value achieving this experience because if I feel better about what I’m studying I’ll feel more prepared for my test. | 3.
Using the formula of V x E = M write about your level of motivation to be successful in college. Began as Follow: The value I place on being a success in college is 10 and my expatiation of being a success in college is an 8 multiplied together, this gives an achievement motivation score of 80 . Then continue by explaining your score and identifying a specific actions you can do to raising . The way I can try to raise my score is to study better for test and pay attechin in class . My motivation is to think about the future and if I want to have that lifestyle I have to work hard to obtain it .

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