Child Obesity

Published: 2021-07-05 21:45:05
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Child Obesity Everywhere you look there is a fast food joint. In America it’s all about convenience, but convenience has become hazard to our health. When we as adults have unhealthy eating habit, we hurt ourselves and our children. As a parent it’s important to set good eating habits and be active. There are plenty of statistics available that prove child obesity in America is at epidemic levels. One third of the nation’s children carry to much weight. There are lots of reasons why child obesity in America is on the rise. Doctors say there are two causes in creating obese children. First the children and teens are not eating the right kind of foods. Second, America’s children are getting less and less exercise. These two things are creating a generation of children who are facing adult health issues like, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Curing child obesity in America is not difficult as long as parents are willing to be responsible for teaching their children healthy lifestyles. The parent of an obese child must begin with in the family, to identify the problem, and make a plane for change. If an obese child eating habits don’t change, it can cause them to be an obese teen. We as parents have to help make the change. Parents must cook nutritional balanced meals, eliminate high in fat and sugar snacks, teach portion control, pack healthy lunches, avoid fast food and help your child get physically active. Parents must teach by doing, which means parents must, themselves, also follow a nutritional and active lifestyle. Parents must become experts at child and teen nutrition and set a good example. To help your child means creating a step-by-step program of good nutrition and exercise.

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