Cheer Debate: is Cheerleading a Sport?

Published: 2021-08-12 07:20:06
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Cheerleading has been in schools for decades, so why would it not be counted as a sport?Have you ever heard of the Great White Sharks? They are 4 time world champions. Some people may think that cheer is a sport, but others might think that cheer is just for the girls to show off to the guys. It is a sport, because they compete among other teams all over the states.
They work just as hard as a basketball team or baseball team. Just like any other sport, they practice over and over. Just like basketball players practice plays , cheerleaders practice a routine for hours at a time. Some teams practice every day a week all day long, that’s twelve hours of practice. I’m sure that some basketball or baseball teams practice for 12 hours a day too.
Most teams tryout at the beginning of a new year to recruit any new amazing flyers or bases for cheer stunts. Just like football, they tryout for the quarterback position or a running back. People all over the world compete and work as a team to win. Together as a team they eat, sleep, and live under the same roof.
Cheerleading requires a uniform to compete in and go to special occasions. They perform in parades and special events hosted by the president or for the queen. Just like all other teams, they create and order uniforms. Some people say that not all teams compete. Yes, that is true but a lot of people say cheerleading is to keep the teams true to themselves and not lose faith if the they miss a shot. Some others also say that they are only to cheer on the team and get the crowd excited, but that’s not true they are just there for the team or the crowd they’re there for themselves.
Some may say that cheerleaders are there to cheer for the team in whatever sport they do, but that’s not all they do. They practice every day just like every other team does. So just think about it. Do you think cheerleading is a sport? So consider my thoughts ,about why cheer is a sport and why it should be.

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