Changes that Renaissance Brought

Published: 2021-07-26 10:00:04
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How did the Renaissance change man’s view of man
The Renaissance changed the world and the view of man tremendously in many different ways. The Renaissance started around the 14th century in Rome. Rome and all of Europe were catholic and believed everything revolved around religion and religious meanings. People only listened to Priest and Nuns who read from the catholic bible. They listened to everything they said until people started thinking and acting for themselves. They created art, literature, studied astrology, and anatomy. Once they did things for themselves everything started to make sense and new discoveries were made.
Some f the most famous forms of art are paintings. The most famous of those paintings from the Renaissance was the ?Mona Lisa which was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503(Doc A). His paintings are known for the discovery of the Renaissance time period because his paintings used shadowing, depth, and a LOT of detail to the point the painting looks real. Yet the differentiating paintings from Medieval times such as the madonna enthroned between two angels painting painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna in 1200(Doc A). The picture featured no depth, emotion, shadowing, or anything. Yet the painting does use very vivid colors as they did during the medieval times.
Literature, poems, stories, plays, and songs during the Renaissance is another way they expressed themselves. The play Everyman was actually written in the 1400r’s but was carried out from the middle ages by an unknown author.(Doc B) The play is recognizable as a medieval play though because of its religious feel in it. Meanwhile in 1601 William Shakespeare wrote a play called Hamlet(Doc B). The poem could be recognized as a Renaissance created poem because the play doesnt involve anything religious. The play is a self referring play and has self emotion. It talks about how they feel and how he expressed himself.
Astronomy during the Renaissance was a HUGE breakthrough for people. It changed the minds of everyone studying it. Before, during the medieval times, people thought the earth was in the center of the solar system. The idea came from the Roman astronomer, Alexandria in Egypt 100 years after jesus(Doc C). But then later, during the Renaissance, a Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus came up with the theory that the sun was in the middle of the solar system instead of the sun(Doc C). The theory Nicolaus had made more sense and people studied it more. Then eventually it was proven true…obviously because people still study it to this day.
Anatomy was also a huge change for the people during the Renaissance. During the medieval times Johann Regiomontanus, although it was also theorized in 1512 it was a medieval belief that people followed, had the theory that man was made up of zodiac signs (Doc D). In that theory each zodiac controlled and cured each part of the body. But in 1543 a new theory arose and showed how the human body was just a human body. No zodiac sign governed over any part of the human body. He proved how the human body was just organs, flesh, and bones. He found this discovery by dissecting human corpses. His theory was able to be proven and not just found in the bible but could actually be shown.
Not saying that people shouldn’t believe in the bible or have religious beliefs but the Renaissance was able to prove many different things that the Medieval times couldnt. People during the Renaissance were able to make huge discoveries when they werent only focused on religion. People are able to do incredible things when they aren’t always tied down by one thing. Also the fact that they were brave enough to even break the chain of only thinking of religion is awesome on its own. Next time when you think of the Renaissance or hear of it. Will you think itr’s just another period of time or an amazing humanized breakthrough in time.

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