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Published: 2021-07-04 15:20:05
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Career Orientation January 30, 2010, 3:00pm to 5:00pm AVR 3 ASSESSMENT The seminar was presented by some former Mapua students which are know very successful in their respective careers. Mr. Ferdinand Iquina talked about his experiences on how he applied to the company his is currently working. He said that at first he tried applying to other companies just to have an idea on how a job interview is held. He tried researching about the company to have a background. He said that his employer was amazed by one of his project which is a running led display. Mr.
Joel Dizon, one of the guest speakers, shared his experiences in the Graduating Class such as his employment to a publishing company. He told the Graduating Class about his work a how he was asked to work in a technical magazine for his ability to explain technical terms to the layman. The last speaker was Ms. Jasmine Po-Sayo, she is know a vice-president on the company that she applied a decade ago. She also shared her experiences and gave the Graduating Class tips on how she attained her position. Introduction to Cisco Unified Communication February 6, 2010, 5:00pm to 7:00pm
AVR 2 ASSESSMENT The seminar was presented by Engr. Frederick Chua which is about Cisco’s innovations regarding their products. The presenter discussed the different products that are being manufactured which can greatly help the masses. At first, the Graduating Class cannot relate to what the presenter is saying because it is too technical. Some of the class does not have Cisco classes since there are enrolled in Unix as there track. The presenter showed the Graduating Class how to make calls abroad using the internet. The presenter called a friend in Singapore using his laptop.
The Graduating Class was really amazed on how that particular software is working. Unfortunately, the software is very expensive. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) March 6, 2010, 10:00am to 12:00nn SB 1 ASSESSMENT The seminar was suppose to be held at NB1 but was move to SB1 for some technical reasons. The seminar was facilitated by Engr. Rainier Veral. The seminar is about a certain specification of images which is superior to jpeg, bitmap and other types of images. During the seminar, the presenter demonstrated the differences of images written in the said formats.
The images which are made using svg can be zoomed without destroying the credibility of the images. The zooming does not make the image pixelated. The presenter also mentioned the application of svg in business such as advertising. The Graduating Class did not have the chance to do the hands on because of the restriction on the computers regarding the use of Mozilla Firefox which is needed to run and view the images in svg format. Career Development Seminar February 27, 2010, 7:30pm to 4:30pm AVR 2 ASSESSMENT The seminar was held by Center for Career Services.
The seminar was attended by the Graduating Class of Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Computer Engineering. The seminar lasted for about a day. The seminar is about job interviews and resume. The first speaker talked about the resume that should be submitted to an employer such as the details that the resume should contain and the different layouts that should be used. The speaker also showed the Graduating Class two videos which show a freshly graduate student that is being interviewed for a job. The other video is about a person who is prepared for an interview.
The speaker elaborated which what are the things that should be avoided in an interview. He also mentioned the questions that are usually asked in an interview. The speaker, having an experience of interviewing job applicants, gave the Graduating Class some tips which can be helpful in an interview. During the seminar, some people from a maritime company also presented their business to recruit Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers. On the last part of the seminar, a representative from Sutherland, a business product outsourcing company, gave an inspirational talk regarding job interviews.
They also held a mock interview in which all the Graduating Class will be interviewed as if it was an actual interview. PLANT VISIT: HITACHI Terminals Mechatronics Philippines Corporation (HTMP) February 19, 2010 ASSESSMENT The field trip was held on February 19, 2010 at Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Philippines Corporation in Subic Techno Park. The field trip is scheduled from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. The Graduating Class left Manila at 5:45 am and arrived at Hitachi at 8:45. The staffs of Hitachi gave the graduating class a short talked about the company’s profile.
The staffs of Hitachi divided the graduating class in groups before doing the tour. During the tour, the Graduating Class saw how the products were made such as the card readers for ATM machines and the equipments used. The tour lasted only a few minutes and the stay in Hitachi did not last as long as the scheduled time. After the tour the officers of the Graduating Class gave the staffs of Hitachi tokens of appreciation. After leaving Hitachi, the Graduating Class was given a tour around Subic Bay Freeport Zone by a representative from Department of Tourism in Subic.

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