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Published: 2021-07-10 06:25:05
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Canvas magazine is published and distributed across the globe. The magazine covers the information, news and trending topics on the Arts and Culture from the Arab and the Middle East regions. The magazine contains in-depth and comprehensive articles in the major cultural aspects such as visual arts, Museums, Galleries, Design, Photography and Exhibitions. Each of the topic entails special features in every publication.
The magazine provides special and exclusive articles about the museums. It provides exclusive features on a chosen museum, the feature involves the location of the museum, what artifacts the museum contains and the unique features about the particular museum. The magazine also feature the gallery and photographs of the various museums across the middle east and Arab regions. What fascinates the most is the quality of the featured photography. They are meant to attract the tourists to the featured museums of the particular week. The exhibitions entails the special shows and the luxury locations such as the beaches. In this particular week, the exhibition features covered the Miami beach. The articles give exclusive details about the beach and give recommendations to thee tourists to visit the beach over the festive seasons and holidays. The magazine further features the updates of the trending information across the world regarding the arts , museums, shows and exhibitions.
The special feature section of the magazine entails detailed information about a chosen museum site. The write articles about the museum will cover the location of the museum, the artifacts contained in the museum and the recommendations on the for the public to tour the chosen museum. In this particular week the magazine in the exclusive section the magazine featured the museums in Abu Dhabi. The author provides the information about the special events that were to be hosted by the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Louvre Abu Dhabi was to be launched into the market. the special events that were to be featured include the music theatre, and the exhibitions.
In the exhibitions section of the Canvas magazine, the authors provide adverts on the exhibitions. The magazine provides list of exhibition schedules to covered in a specific period of time. Some of the featured adverts on the exhibitions include the NYUAD ARTS CENTER. The Inventing Downtown exhibition and the ETIHAD MODERN ART GALLERY shows and exhibitions. The magazine therefore provides exclusive features and information about the shows and exhibitions ion the middle east and the Arab region.
The magazine also provides an interview section from the professional in the in museum. The journalist interviews the professional to get the comprehensive details and information and information from the invited guest to the from the museum and exhibitions field. The information is intended to brief the audience of the trends in the industry. This week interview included Sir David Adjaye, on the topic of Art Institutions future design.. He is a specialists in then art industry and provided detailed information about the industry.
The magazine also provides a section of the where information is sought to get the views of the public regarding the museum and arts industry.

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