Brave Incident

Published: 2021-07-04 18:35:05
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High School Fight I went to high school in Vietnam; my cousin who I call brother went to the same high school with me. The high school I attended was also the school that many gang members attended. Those gang members always abused other students and took their lunch money as well as many of their valuables such as their wallets, cell phone and laptops. Our school principal always tried to inform the police about this behavior, but unfortunately that did not help.
One day my class mate ran into the class room where I was spending my break, since I did not like to hang out in the play ground because of the gang members that were there, and he told me that my cousin was being harassed by a couple of those gang members and that they threatened to beat him to death if he does not give them all his money. My cousin was very stubborn much more like Victoriano. The two gang members had my cousin against the wall and were trying to steal his wallet and belonging while he fought them as much as he could.
I had nothing on my mind at that moment but to save my cousin and help him run away from those gang members. I looked for small pieces or rocks and a wooden stick and immediately ran towards my cousin screaming loudly so that I can distract them from him. As I started throwing the rocks on them they let go of my cousin and paid attention to where I was heading which was directly towards them. I screamed loudly telling my cousin to run away and go to the principal’s office just like when Dona Guadalupe told her cousin “I am not cutting you free so you can be brave and get killed.
I want you running so you can live” I wanted my cousin to run and not try to fight the gang members when they let go of him. My cousin ran to the principal’s office while I threw the stick of wood towards them. I immediately changed my direction and ran towards the principal’s office as well. The Principal called the police and they arrested the gang members and I was able to save my cousin after all.

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