Black Ops Vs Marvel Baby Groot Bop it

Published: 2021-07-09 22:55:05
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A game can be defined as a structured form of play, normally undertaken for the purpose of having fun and may also apply as a tool for education. Games have been part of different cultures since the ancient era. In most cases, games help to facilitate the learning as well as the development of children. Moreover, as an educational tool, games also teach children how to master skills, overcome obstacles and reach certain goals. In addition to that, games also tend to help maintain social connections with other individuals. Moreover, even though games are always considered to be a leisure activity, some games are always undertaken by individuals to be professional occupations. Therefore, this paper will compare and contrast marvel baby Groot Bop it! With another controversial serial game set known as Black Ops in categories such as ratings, purpose or goals of the games as well as the levels of violence in each game.
Marvel baby Groot BOP IT is a popular electronic Bop it! Game loved by kids. The game has a Marvel guardian twist. The game’s edition is also designed to look like the baby character Groot. During the game, the players press and twist the character’s head and also pull his legs to play the game. The game also combines the sounds made by the rocket raccoon with a classic Bop it! Play! Sometimes the players may try to keep up with the commands of the games, however, when they hear the game call outPass it, they have to hand over the game to the next person. Moreover, this game is great for playing with friends or for players who want to challenge themselves.
Black Ops is an epic campaign story which takes the player to a variety of locations as well as conflicts across the globe. The game involves a first-person shooter with a tactical aspects of play which puts the player in the role of a shadow soldier who fights in a variety of fictional black ops missions of the cold war period. The game is one of the biggest first-person controversial action series of all time. Moreover, black Ops will take the player behind the enemy’s territories as a member of a special elite force unit, which engages the player into a covert warfare, classified operation procedures as well as explosive conflicts across the world. Moreover, following the players access to exclusive weapon equipment’s his or her actions will take place at the most dangerous time of man’s life. The modern warfare blockbuster having being initially created with the input of actual Black Ops soldiers, the game consists of a mix between a traditional call of duty tactical shooter with a new game play option designed to expand the experience of the player.

Purpose or goal of game
In most cases, majority of the video games are designed for the purpose of entertaining people. However, there are other video games which are designed with a specific purpose. The purpose of the games tend to vary based on the nature of information itself. For instance, the main purpose of Black Ops is to promote science, education and social change. Moreover, by watching or playing such a game one is able to learn the actual life lessons. On top of that, the main goal or the purpose of Marvel baby Groot Bop it! Is to promote social change, educate and entertain its viewers.
Both games promote entertainment, social change and education to the player. Moreover, the player is also able to learn the aspects of life.
In Black Ops the player is able to learn concepts such as science, while in Marvel Baby Groot Bop It! The player cannot.
The players or the viewers are able to learn more about social change in Marvel Baby Groot, something which they cannot learn in Black Ops.
The level of violence
Since we are all in agreement about the cultural as well as the economic significance we can no longer argue thatit is just a game. The level of violence applied in both games appears to be different. For instance, in Black Ops, the first thing a player sees once he or she gains control of the unit is a man burning alive inside a box. Later in the same unit the player discovers an abducted agent of the CIA trapped in a shipping container for days which is a useful way for the player to think about a better way of playing the game. However, the last thing the player see’s on the game, is a man pouring gasoline on himself and lighting himself on fire. This game shows that there is a lot of torture in Black Ops. In some instances, Hands are stabbed, knees are shot, the faces of the victims are slashed, and there is menace of the children. In addition to that, a woman in a short dress also gets shot in the game.
However, the difference in the level of violence between black ops and marvel baby Groot bop it! Is quite large. For instance, Groot is a terrestrial monster from planet X who comes to earth to capture human beings. The creature speaks a language that is difficult to understand due to the stiffness of their laryngnes, thus causing the speech to sound as if it is being repeated. The story reveals that other creatures similar to Groot have been abducting beings from other planets, including a young girl known as Hannah. However, after Groot catches a glimpse of Hannah, he realizes that they were doing was wrong. He manages to save the young girl but due to his disobedience, baby Groot is exiled from his planet and is forced to wonder around the earth until he meets the Rocket Raccoon several decades later. Even though there is violence involved in both games, the level of violence involved in Black Ops is much higher compared to the level of violence involved in Marvel Baby Groot Bop it! The level of torture in the controversial serial game appears to be high compared to the electronic game.
The concept of violence has been involved in both games, however, the level of intensity in Black Ops is much higher compared to Marvel Baby Groot Bop it.
Black Ops has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, while Marvel Baby Groot Bop it has been rated 4.1 out of 5 stars.
This essay compares and contrasts two games namely Black Ops and Marvel Baby Groot Bop it! What parents need to know is that Black Ops is a violent military first person shooter game which the player used several weapons and explosives to kill the enemies as well as human controlled avatars. The game features violent combat scenes and lots of blood spills. Moreover, Marvel Groot Bop it is an electronic game with a marvel twist. The game is mostly loved by small kids who watch it for the purpose of entertainment and social change.
Work cited
Geraghty, Tony. Black Ops: The Rise of Special Forces in the C.i.a., the S.a.s., and Mossad. , 2012. Internet resource.

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