Benefits of Working in a Team

Published: 2021-07-07 20:35:05
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Benefits of working in a Team What is a team? A team is a formal work group consisting of people who work together intensely to achieve a common goal which would be us Team B…. Sophee, mike, carolyn, Adrea and myself Sharing of knowledge When you have a group people you are going to find that everyone in the group has unique skills and talents. Everyone comes from a different walk of life and can contribute something different to the group, May it be study habits, note taking, public speaking, or life experience in a certain field. When all the skills are combined it creates new approaches to solving a problems/with better results than if you were to work alone. Division of labor Using each persons skills/talent to the groups advantage. Everyone has different strengths and can contribute something positive to the group. Our first meeting we went over what our strengths and weaknesses were. To determine what we would be good at as far as resposibilities in our Team for example for this assignment we have Mike who is very Techy and he offered to check over our slides and putting them together for this presentation. Motivation/accountability Keeping eachother motivated, may it be with emails or text messages or a simple phone call. It’s nice to know that we can motivate one another by simple telling eachother not to stress what they have done sounds great. Which ties into being accountable…while we are cheerleading on our team I myself have to make sure my work gets done when something is due or all that motivating was for nothing, because my team knows that I can’t be trusted with my part of the task…and without trust there really isn’t a team, just 5 individuals trying to get the job done

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