Battered Women Fight Back

Published: 2021-07-05 02:20:05
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Battered Women Fight Back! Agency * Stacey Kabat founded the Battered Women Fight back! non-profit organization in Boston, Massachusettes, in November 1992 * BWFB! started out primarily as a prison support group for battered women however over the years, the group’s primary goal has evolved to provide educational materials and services designed to increase public awareness of the problems facing battered women and what could be done to ameliorate the situation. * BWFB! s locally and nationally recognized organization including such prestigious awards like the 1993 Americas best run charity, 1992 reebok award and 1994 oscar * By 1994 BWFB! had done great at the task of generating high volume of interest among the common public against domestic violence indicated by surge in phone calls and requests for educational information and materials had quadrupled. * BWFB! operates on a shoestring budget of $150,000 * Primary source of funding for the agency includes foundations (e. . Public Welfare foundation) which is about 58% and the remaining sources of revenue is from sponsorship events (20%), corporate grants (14%), and donors (8%) * BWFB! has only 3 full time, 3 part time employees and a group of volunteer employees and lacks structure and operations strategy * The founder, Stacy Kabat has in depth experience in domestic violence and international social work but lacks necessary business and management experience. SWOT Analysis:
STRENGTHS * A great idea for the betterment of basic human rights * A visionary well known leader * Rising public interest in the agency * Celebrity connections * Untapped financial resources| WEAKNESSES * Very weak financial position * Inexperienced management * No apparent succession plan * Not leveraged corporate and celebrity connections * One-dimensional distribution channels| OPPORTUNITIES * Improved marketing strategies * Celebrity endorsements * Alternative inexpensive channels of distribution available| THREATS * Going out of business due to insufficient funding * Loss of importance as a social responsibility| PROBLEM/DECISION TO BE MADE:
Stacy Kabat has to decide on the future course of action to continue the mass spread awareness of domestic violence against women both on a national and international scale and also develop a strategy to enable this organization to become financially stable for long term sustainment of this agency. Her overall action plan should address the following management issues: * Develop and implement a plan for financing and marketing this agency. * Develop plan to attract additional volunteers to help out in daily operations of the agency * Organize/structure volunteer employees in small groups to more efficiently handle specific administrative tasks. ALTERNATIVE MARKETING COURSES OF ACTION: * Develop channels of distribution for educational material and information regarding organization * Increase funding for organization from private sector (individuals, corporations) * Increase funding/awareness through celebrity endorsements. Develop strategy to market agency as defender of human rights issue instead of just a womens issue. * Implement an advertising campaign to widen and intensify awareness of violence against women. CRITICAL ISSUES TO CONSIDER FOR ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES: * How will change(s) impact our position/image? * What will it cost? * What is the potential funding? * How will it reach the general public? (And other stakeholders? ) * Is it within our core competency? Increase funding for organization from corporate giants * A primary way to increase funding for this non profit would be to go out there and attack the corporation. At the moment the information shows us that the agency recevivec 60% of their funding from the the government.
The government has many issues to dela with and can only spend so much on diffent small organizations. The agency receives only 14 % of its funding from corporations. Stacy should use a 2 prong approach . One is to market her organization better with current sponsors and also to approach new guys like walmart make them identify domestic violence as a major area of social responsibility. Also work with these organsiations to distribute educational material. Increase funding/awareness through celebrity endorsements. Stacy has contacts with Hollywood. To use these contacts . make famous celebrities speak out about her cause. Use celebrity to get the word out there . most powerful way to do this . This is free advertising.
Use celbrity to hold benfits/events to gain charity. This serves a double pupose gets in money and also free advertising. Great awareness of the program. Get the material out there thru the celebrity medium Develop strategy to market agency as defender of human rights issue instead of just a womens issue Develop an idea to market this as a basic human rights issue. Meet with local level reps and try to convince them that this ia a basic right being violated and not just a womens right. Ask these guys for help with priniting and ask her foreign friends for help Implement an advertising campaign to widen and intensify awareness of violence against women RECOMMENDATIONS:
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