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Published: 2021-08-16 17:45:06
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Basketball is a good sport and can help improve an athletes health. It also helps improves a human by improving his leadership and his team behavior. It also helps someone improve his searchability so that he doesn’t get injured or pull a muscle while he’s playing. Although basketball is a good sport there is also a lot of injuries. Basketball is a good sport to build up your stamina. ‘The game became an official Olympic event at the Summer Games in Berlin, Germany in 1936.’(Fact Monster).
The purpose of basketball is to throw the ball into the opposite basket and earn points. The sport is an indoor nonviolent sport. In basketball, you cannot use any part in your body except your hands. There are a lot of very tall athletes playing basketball because the basket is very high. There are a lot of leagues for basketball, for example: NBA, ABL, NBL, BBA. Some of the rules and regulations is that they play with four quarters twelve minutes each. ‘Basketball can also be a job for athletes to get a lot of money. The first “hoops” were actually just peach baskets and the first backboards were made of wire.’(Fact Monster).
When it was first invented in the summer of 1891, they first called it boxball. There is also women basketball. As a matter in fact, women have playing for as long as men. The women’s basketball rules are slightly different because some people were worried about the health of the women so they shortened the time in each quarter. Basketball also helps improve the players jump because when they dunk the need to jump very high because the baskets are 3 meters above the floor. ‘The game became known as basketball because the janitor, unable to find boxes to make the elevated goals, nailed up two half-bushel peach baskets.’( Anderson Dave, 2018).
In basketball there are two teams of five competing against each other to see who can score the most points. Basketball is played on a rectangular court. The first game of basketball was played in 1892 with nine players on each side and later got changed to five players on each side. ‘Back when peach baskets were used as the hoop, every time someone scored, a referee had to fetch the ball by climbing a ladder.’(soft ‘In 1936, basketball became an official game at the Olympics, which were held in Berlin, Germany.’( Toronto was the first city to host a basketball game even though it was an American sport.
So I think that basketball is a very good sport and can grab the talented athletes heart to show his talent. It is also a well respected sport, hobby and job for some people. It also helps you increase your healthiness, fitness ,and your stamina. Basketball also helps improve your self-discipline to help you be fair with other people. It also helps you increase your bone strength. Therefore, basketball is one of the highest paid sports in the world. Basketball is also one of the best sports because anybody can play it.

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