Baseball as a Motivator

Published: 2021-07-16 16:05:06
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I believe that baseball has taught me to treat every task with my full effort and dedication, as it is the best way to give myself the greatest chance to succeed while leaving me satisfied with the resulting outcome of my effort.
I settled my left foot in the batter’s box. It was my freshman season, and I was selected for the Varsity Baseball Team. We were playing the best team in the area, and I was our team’s last chance to avoid a no-hit game. The pitcher went through his wind-up, then released the ball. Time slowed. I recognized the curveball out of his hand, and I swung. Strike three! The game was over.
We went on to have a disastrous season with a nauseating record of 3-21. I had two options: I could hang up my cleats or I could try to do something about it. I wanted to quit because, combined with my trouble to adapting to a rigorous IB curriculum, I felt that all of my effort had not paid off. Instead of quitting, I decided that I would use my frustration to better myself as a player. That summer, I worked for hours on end in the excruciating Florida heat, practicing to prepare for the upcoming season. I believe that the following summer taught me that hard work and commitment could be both rewarding and satisfying.
3-21! my teammates yelled as we stormed the field on opening day, not as a signal of defeat but as a source of motivation. We were ready. I was proud to have earned the starting first baseman position. My team began the season 9-0, possibly unmatched by any baseball team in our school’s history. Then we struck out again, losing seven of the next eight games. Yet, instead of letting this pull us apart, we grew closer and more determined to succeed.
My team rallied to finish the season with a 14-10 record, qualifying for the playoffs. We won the first round with ease, but then had to face the number one seed in the tournament. We lost in extra innings, but we had still exceeded all expectations.
Through all of its ups and downs, baseball has taught me the priceless quality of perseverance. Through hard work and dedication, I have developed resilience and the ability to bounce back after failure. I have learned to apply this quality to all areas of my life. Intense preparation and dedication has allowed me to excel both academically and athletically, and when I encounter problems or make mistakes, I choose to learn from them instead of being controlled by them. This is why I believe that baseball is the perfect game. It has caused me to continually strive to exhibit the resilience necessary to overcome the difficult challenges I face, even when life throws me a curveball.

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