Andrew Carnegie: Hero or not

Published: 2021-08-12 08:05:06
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Andrew Carnegie was a boy who grew up poor and became the biggest millionaire in the 1870 – 1900. Carnegie was born in November 1835, where he lived in a attic weavers cottage in scotland. Andrew began working at the age 12, He got a job at a local textile mill, he worked 12 hours a day for $1.20, Then a year later andrew found on a new job delivering telegrams. He was locally famous for being able to decode the dot-dot-dash message by the age sixteen,Andrew now was earning $4.00 a week. After that he was hired at the Pennsylvania Railroad and was getting paid $8.00 a week. When andrew was 24 he was making a over 1,500$ a year. Then he would go on to buy his way out of military service for $850. Was Andrew carnegie a hero? It all depends how you saw him.However, I personally believe that Andrew Carnegie was not a hero because of his business practice, labor relations and philanthropy efforts.
Andrew was no hero due to his labor relations. Hamlin Garland a journalist interviewed his employees where we see many of his workers unhappy,In document D Hamlin Garland describes how the iron mills were dirty and he said it was like hell as he entered. When he interviews a man, the man says that they work for twelve hours and get paid two dollars and a quarter a day and the men that shovel in the rain get one dollar and forty cents, There are thirty five hundred men in the mills, The men says that they call it the deathtrap. Garland in the end states ¨Twelve hours without sleep and running like hell everybody tired and loggy, and it’s a different story¨ (Doc D).As seen in this document carnegie is not a hero because he had his workers on bad and poor working conditions.Another example is on document E Carnegie could have of doubled the wages since he made over 92,000$ daily but he decided not to and he also knew what it was to grow up poor like these families but he didn’t really care that these workers worked in bad condition for so little money, therefore it doesn’t make him a hero because Iron and steel workers worked a lot and still get paid very low.
Andrew Carnegie was not a hero because of his business practices.According to ¨Cost of making carnegie steel¨ (Doc.B) The production cost were lower and the selling price at the mill was higher. Carnegie was successful on driving down the costs and making them cheaper for the customers and let them save on steel. Right now it makes carnegie seems like he is a hero because he lowered the price for consumers so that they could buy the steel needed for railroads,buildings and infrastructure but at the same time he made so much profit from this and didn’t want to raise his workers profit . Another example , ¨Carnegie on survival ofthe fittest¨ (Doc.C) it says ¨Not evil, but good, has come to the race from the accumulations of wealth by those who have the ability and energy to produce it.¨This show that there are some people who deserve to live in poverty while others deserve to live in wealth.This doesn’t help people see him as a hero because he basically shows that only some people are smart and good enough to be rich and that he doesn’t really care for the ones living in poverty.
Andrew carnegie was not a hero because of his philanthropy efforts. Andrew carnegie gave away most of his money towards education and libraries . However, On document F it shows a tables where it shows you to who he gives away and how much and why. Carnegie give out about 100,000,000 a year, most on education instead of those who needed it most like his workers who needed a better life and to maintain a big family. On document G we see a political cartoon where carnegie on the left side cuts the workers wages and his employees are not very happy about this and on the right side it shows that he a charitable guy, giving money to libraries and to where he was born from,Scotland, and people are happy about this. This really shows us who carnegie basically is,this cartoon represents that andrew carnegie had two sides because people that work for him see him as a bad person but the people that receive money from him see him as a good person or the good guy .Although some people saw him as a good guy he had a dark side to and this doesn’t make him a hero because he didn’t care for those who worked for him,what carnegie seemed to do was give to the people in the society to make him seem like a good person.
Was Andrew Carnegie a hero? Even though some people thought just for giving his money away to education and libraries he was a good person but I personally don’t believe that he was a hero because though he was a millionaire and gave his money away, he still couldn’t double the employees wages and he made them work a lot of hours, also he had bad and poor working conditions, his thoughts that people should work to their way up, but money wouldn’t make a person a hero its their daily action.Therefore,andrew carnegie was not a hero because of his his business practice, labor relations and philanthropy efforts. 

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