Albert Einstein: Theoretical Physicist

Published: 2021-07-30 09:40:07
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Albert Einstein was born at, March- 14- 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He was a Theoretical Physicist. His family was Jewish, and he was born very strangely. He was born with a big head and a small body and his arms were huge and flappy. He was educated with Catholic schools (mostly those were the only schools around him). He grew up with anger issues, his face would turn bright red and he would throw stuff and would “try” to beat up the ground. Whenever he would be angry at a teacher, he would throw a metal chair at a them (or worse, a computer). He was classified as AUTISTIC, and that’s one of the challenges that was hard for him to overcome.
Capurnicus, Isaac Newton, and James Clerk Maxwell inspired him into becoming who he was. One of his most favorite equations were E2 = MC2 and A2 + B2 = C2. He was very good in his Science and Math class but the other classes NOT SO MUCH, he was terrible in ELA because he couldn’t focus on reading, but he can read math and Science equations. Which was very confusing, but the fact is if someone gives me this equation:
E2 x CO2 + H2 x H20 – CO = Gas (basically)
But if I can solve that or read that why can’t I go to my ELA class and read as well like:
Planting plumber planted plenty plantains per plantation.
I should be easily able to read that, but the things that I just told you about were the things people were itching their head about. Not MOST people understood what his LEGACY was other than “A VERY SMART MAN”. But Albert didn’t stop there he went ABOVE & BEYOND.
He went on to learn more about science and even created his own theory but were not there yet. He married a Woman named, Mileva Mariç in 1903-1919, then married a woman named Elsa Einstein 1919-1936. He had 3 children, Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein, and Lieserl Einstein. Albert didn’t have a lot of workers that worked with him until when he learned about the ATOMIC NUCLEAR BOMB and started the “Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists”, what Albert wanted to come out of his intelligence and theories was to help the world and recreate THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, which wasn’t easy the person Albert most worked with was his wife Elsa they were both smart and carried lots of intelligence in their brains. But the person he mostly was Similar too was Isaac Newton, not only were they both smart people but they both aced their math and science classes having a hard time especially with reading, but the only real clear difference was that Isaac Newton knew how to write. Yah, yah we all know that Albert Einstein knew how to write but he didn’t write as good as Isaac Newton did, if Albert Einstein was 10 years old and you asked him:

He would answer:
But if you ask him:
He would answer:
You could probably say Albert Einstein was a “SPECIAL” scientist. Really all he wanted to do was prove his theories to the world and make the world know about the world they live in. And like he said, TWO THINGS ARE INFINITE: THE UNIVERSE AND HUMAN STUPIDITY; AND I’M NOT SURE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE THOUGH.
This man Inspires me because of his Intelligence and his hard working. The things that he has shown the world, the things that have never been revealed or thought of, and a habit that me and him have Is that whenever we are angry, we retaliate In a way that won’t be good but we both grew, we both lowered the aggressions and started to learn more of what Is right and what Is wrong. And I want to get more smarter and wiser as I grow and make the world a better place, I want to make theories just like he did and I want to prove things to people that nobody has ever noticed before, and I want to prove those bullies especially MY bullies, that they were wrong about me. The other thing Is, a lot of kids call the smart kids, quote on quote “nerds!”, and yet they aren’t making good grades, so my advice to smart people out there that have people that call them nerds, reply back, “maybe you should become one and maybe your grades will be better.” And remember BRAINS ALWAYS BEAT MUSCELS.

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