Act of Kindness

Published: 2021-08-18 01:45:06
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In Aesop’s fable “The Lion and the Mouse” he stated, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. By that notion this means whatever you said to someone they will forever remember what kind act you did. Next time there is a person give them a compliment, weather you say you like their shoes, their smile, their shirt, anything. Giving a compliment can mean a hundred words to them. Kindness is always the way to go no matter what, so give a compliment to anyone because it helps boost their self-confidence, it will forever be remembered, and it helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.
Giving a compliment to anyone that is having a bad day, or not it could boost their self-confidence and make their day better and brighter than it was. Giving compliments is a great way to spread the positivity we need in this world because there are so many people even though you don’t see it, who are having a bad day. According to the article “Why Kindness matters” it stated, “By taking the time to help others, we’re not only give them a better day, but their satisfaction and gratitude can make ours better as well” (Unknown, 2017). Change someone’s day for the better not the worst, be that good person. But not only does it boost other people’s self-confidence, it also makes their day brighter.
From you giving someone a simple compliment like “I like your shirt” or “you look really pretty today”, they will forever remember your compliment. Have you ever gotten a compliment on something, let’s say a shirt, and after that you wore it pretty much every day? That was because you remembered the compliment and it made you feel more confident so you wanted to wear it all the time. Back to the quote I first started, it doesn’t matter the size of the compliment because you are still saying something you like about someone other than yourself. If you like someone’s shirt tell them, because it can benefit both of you.
Just one simple act of kindness could help reduce anxiety and depression. That one simple, nice word can change the way they think about themselves, if a person thinks of the negative and you say something positive, it helps their negative thoughts go away. Say if a person doesn’t like themselves or say if they don’t like their smile, and you tell them that you actually like their smile, that can change the way they feel about their smile. That one positive word is the break in the madness. That compliment can break the negative thoughts anyone has about themselves.
Give a compliment to anyone, anytime because it helps boost their self-confidence, it will forever be remembered, and it helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. A compliment is, a polite expression of praise or admiration to anyone weather you know them or not. “You are beautiful, I like your handwriting, and you make me laugh all the time” are amazing and simple compliments that could help anyone. Be the nice person and give someone a compliment because they might need it. One thing to remember is that COMPLIMENTS ARE FREE!

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