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Published: 2021-08-14 10:25:07
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The average person would think the president holds the most power in the United States, but the real power resides with the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest federal court in the country and the head of the judicial branch of government. Established by the U.S. Constitution in 1789, the supreme court has ultimate control over laws within the United States and is responsible for analyzing the constitutionality of the laws. America’s Supreme Court and justices haven’t changed much since it began and has been managed and controlled by conservatives who serve life term and don’t do much for the nation but have the biggest impact on our future in the palm of their hands. Moving forward there needs to be real changes in the court to improve and represent the progressive and diverse country today. The Supreme Court was established by Article Three of the U.S. Constitution. The constitution didn’t allow congress to decide the organization of the Supreme Court, and the legislative branch applied this power with the Judiciary Act of 1789 and the law was signed by President George Washington. The court always had 6 justices who would serve the court till they died or retired. The number of justices seldomly fluctuated, and currently nine justices including one head chief of justice are serving today. The chief is responsible for authority over the supreme court.
In the earliest beginnings of the court they were steadily spent organizing and determining responsibilities while struggling to get the court off the ground and started, the court didn’t hear a case until 1792. Justices were required to travel around the country when traveling was difficult and hold circuit court twice a year in each judicial district. Congress decided that one circuit trip per year would be adequate, but that didn’t go into effect until the late 19th century. the court was in multiple locations and didn’t have a fully function house until 1935. the judiciary was once considered the weakest of the three branches of federal government. That changed once President John Adams appointed John Marshall for Chief Justice. Marshall was known for utilizing power of the court in such influential decisions as Marbury v. Madison one of the most important cases in supreme court history, which allowed the court to evaluate the constitutionality congress legislation. The Supreme Court has kept many traditions and has changed much at all. though, they don’t travel around the country anymore, they still wear black robes and have a seal and use quilted pens. Having the tradition of serving until retirement or death, is ineffective and dangerous for the will of the people. nobody should be appointed to court for life because having terrible people in office affect us, and the united states has a history of awful presidents who appoint terrible individuals to court and have impacted the country negatively. For example, Justice Stephen Johnson was a racist who supported the disgusting pro-segregation decision Plessy v. Ferguson. He was also a manipulator of the constitution attempting price gouging and when unsuccessful he went on an angry rant. Hugo Black was a Ku Klux Klan member appointed to the supreme court justices. He was a recognized KKK member and swore in new members. He was openly racist and vocal on not wanting black people the right to vote. The irony of this is Black gave the constitutional oath to Thurgood Marshall, the Supreme Court’s first black Court Justice.
Justice James Clark McReynold’s was a self-centered, anti-Semite, he said disgusting and ignorant things about President Franklin Roosevelt. McReynolds was a petty tyrant who controlled and threatened his staff on what to do with their free time and where they could live. He hunted ducks and treated his servant Henry Parker like a dog and made walk through ice-cold water to retrieve the dead animals. McReynold’s was inconsiderate of his colleagues and intolerant of everyone. McReynold’s was bigoted and racist, he refused to speak, sit near or be photographed with his colleagues Justice Louis Brandeis and Benjamin Cardozo because they were Jewish. He was so ignorant he would stand and leave when Brandeis spoke when offering his views in a conference. He was sexist, and on rare occasions when a woman argued a case he would comment misogynistic things and then leave the Courtroom. He referred to a black attorney as a negro and referred black people as darkies which they did in this time, but it was still distasteful to say. He disapproved the New Deal, child labor laws and minimum wage for women and children. He is an ancient Donald Trump. Also speaking of Donald Trump who is a narcissistic, bigot, abuser and terrible president, Trump recently appointed Brett Kavanagh into the supreme court justices. During this time Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assaulting Dr. Christine Ford back when they were teenagers. Christine Ford was given a polygraph test which proved her truthfulness of the matter. She gave her testimony and credibility information of the assault, while Kavanaugh ignored the accusations. Somehow the case fell apart and was said there wasn’t enough evidence, and Kavanaugh remained innocent even though he was clearly guilty. Trump responded to the accusations by undermining Ford’s assault. In a short span of time Trump swore in Kavanaugh to the supreme court. I believe Dr. Christine Ford but sadly this is the reality everyday white males and abusers in power always win. their lives never ruined, victims and survivors continue to be silenced and suffer it’s a terrifying cycle. A lot of people defended him and supported him because he is conservative they weren’t concerned about his past and the allegations.
Conservatives interpretation of the constitution is stricter, strong believers in the constitution and keeping things the same. Which is why the majority wanted Kavanaugh they believe he will strongly follow the conservative interpretation. They believe he will have the same values as conservatives such as his opinions of being against abortion and gun control. While the bulk of progressives that are also called liberals, interpretation of the constitution is more flexible, they believe in reform and we must evolve from the constitution that conflicts with the current times and resolve it and then progress forward for generations to come. After finding out who Brett Kavanaugh is, what disgusting things he has done, what he stands for and how unfit he clearly is, and he shouldn’t be in the supreme court, liberals saw Kavanaugh as an abomination to the supreme court and the country. But he still managed to be sworn in to the court by Trump, and that outraged a lot of people. Everything about Kavanaugh goes against Liberals interpretation. He is against and doesn’t respect the lives of women, children, and people of color. This is who will be making decisions that impact women’s reproductive choices, he has the power to jeopardize our lives in the future. It’s a very dangerous reality when someone has the power to jeopardize your future, while privilege individuals such as white males and the rich have a say against said rights and have them taken away that won’t affect them, and they can simply afford to ignore those detrimentally changes happening to the bulk of us.
For Conservatives to say they still want him in the court after his questionable credibility, belligerent behavior, and active opinions on women’s health truly makes liberals believe that conservatives vote for him isn’t about politics or the constitution it out of a place of hatred and ignorance. The history of the supreme court and constitution was written by and applied to white males and the rich males only. Blacks, people of color, women, children, and people of different religions and beliefs were not included and its always been like that. As time has passed on not much has changed and we still must fight for the right to vote and be represented and have some in the office that is for the will of the people, not to corrupt us. We must fight our hardest to vote out people like Brett Kavanaugh that can strip us of our rights and freedoms. We must not let history constantly repeat itself, we must not go in reverse, we must progress.

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