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Published: 2021-08-11 05:55:05
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Helen Keller was blind and deaf. Since she was born blind and deaf, she was unable to comprehend the world around her. She was rude to her parents and maids. Helen is a savage chid. During dinner she would eat like an animal with her hand off the plate. She would wrestle with young playmate and attacking them with scissors.
Once day her family hired Annie Sullivan to be Helen’s teacher and companion . Annie was from the Perkins Institute for the blind. Annie insist on civilizing Helen’s behavior. Once Annie is trying to help Helen, her parents think that Annie is mean strictly towards her. Annie demands that the family’s delicacy is confused pity as opposed to love, that an unrivaled love for Helen will regard her potential and request that she satisfy it. After an extended battle over helen’s social graces, for instance, Annie can instructed Helen to overlap for napkin and to use her spoon as opposed to her hands to eat from her own plate. The stubbornest of Helen comes back to her progressively savage ways at whatever point she exposed the family’s kindness. So, Annie demands that she would be allowed to show Helen in disagreement for about fourteen days.
Annie succeeds in calming Helen somewhat in a garden house behind Helen’s family’s home and teaches her a finger game that spells the words into Helen’s palm of her hand. Even though Helen doesn’t understand that the words keep in contact to the things in her world. They family was impressed with her progress but they think that she can do more. Her family wants her to be a fully human by communicating with others. Helen needs a return at the dinner table and dump a jug of water on Annie.
The magic occurs since Annie tries to force Helen to refill the pitcher from a pump in the yard. Helen feels the water going right over her head, feels Annie spelling the word on her hand. Helen finally calls teacher and recognises with Annie the word. Helen said to her I love you and fover.

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