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Published: 2021-08-17 10:30:06
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Population growth is one of main concerns in the present day. The definition of population growth is rise in the number of people within particular country, state or region. Over the past years, the world population has been increasing moderately and each country has different reasons that had effect on their population growth. This essay is going to discuss about the details of the changes in population in India and how it results in society. How the population have been fluctuating over time, and the reasons for it.
To begin with, the world population rate has been increasing slowly but it started to grow rapidly since the last 200 years. The number of inhabitants in all over the world during the 18TH century was around 0.9 billion and has been rising gradually and it reached 3 billion in 1960. Within few decades, the population doubled to 7.4 billion. According to the OurWorldinData, the world population will continue to grow steadily, however, the growth rate of the world will drop significantly (Max ROSER and Esteban ORTIZ-OSPINA, 2018). Based on the latest United Nations estimates, the total number of residents is more than 1.3 billion and is known as the second most populated country in the world. India population is accounted for 17.74 percent of the total world population (Worldometer, 2018). However, China is still the most populous country and it constitutes more than 18 percent of world population. In 2025, India’s population will exceed China’s population. This is due to the fact that the population growth in India is rising promptly (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2018). Furthermore, there are 4,000 cities in India, among which 3 percent of total population is from two biggest cities Mumbai and Delhi (Indian Standard Times, 2016). Therefore, it leads India’s urbanization has been irregular. In other words, India is overpopulated, and this is caused by some problems regarding education.
Over-population is one of the major problems in India and it is the problem that India should deal with. There are numerous causes for it related with education in India. Firstly, the average age of marriage in India is 20.2 and it is remarkably low compared with another countries such as Sweden(32.2), France(31.6) and Italy(30) (John Metcalfe, 2013). To be specific, most women get marriage in reproductive age. According to the 1931 census, the mean age of marriage in India has been increasing generally but the average age is still low to get marriage since most of them are not mature enough in both physical and mental. Moreover, the religion could be another main cause. Some Indian Muslim believe that women are born to be bear children due to their belief of religion and its education. This is proved by statistics that Muslim women’s fertility rate is 4.4 and it is 1.1 higher than Hindus women’s fertility rate (Smrutisikha, no date).

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