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Published: 2021-08-21 16:40:07
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A lot of questions are asked about Michael Jackson. One of these questions are: “Do we really know Michael Jackson for who he is?” Only himself and his family will really ever know. Though, we do have a faint idea of what his life was like.
People who don’t really know Michael Jackson ask questions like: “Why was he famous?”. A usual response would be: “He was a singer.” Although, really, he inspired millions of people with his songs. He also must have broken a record for how many times he had plastic surgery. He did this because he wanted to look different.
People also wonder why he was a musician. I mean, he could be anything he wanted, right? One reason is that he liked making music. The main reason he was a musician, though, is because if he refused, his father (Joe Jackson) abused him. His dad did this because he could make a lot of money of his son if he sang. Michael was forced to do what his dad said.
Michael had a lot of family members. His father Joe Jackson, who made Michael sing for money, his mother Katherine Jackson, who had eleven children. His six brothers were Jermaine Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Randy Jackson, and Brandon Jackson (Brandon and Jermaine not being in the Jackson 5). His four sisters were Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, and Joh’Vonnie Jackson. None of his sisters were in the Jackson 5.
Michael Jackson also made his own charity. It is called the ‘Michael Jackson Scholarship Fund’. That’s not all. Over his life period, he has donated $500 million to charity. He wanted other children to have a better life than he did. He also wanted more homeless children to be adopted.
Lots of questions are asked about Michael. Even after all the questions we’ve asked about him, there is still more to know. Up until today, we have only uncovered a small fraction of what Michael’s life was like. Though, soon, we might reveal it all.

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