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Published: 2021-08-15 20:15:05
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Football players are the most inspiring and most helpful people in America.There are many NFL players that donate and give to their to their community.
NFL players can do a lot of good things they have enough power to bring communities together and are good role models to the people in the world even if you don’t like football. Finally, football players even make big changes for kids.
Players giving to their communities. Here’s an example JJ Watt donated 37 million dollars to the cause of hurricane harvey. Along with the help of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and many more.That is great and a lot of help to the community. That was so helpful to the community of Texas and it really brought people together I think that is a great cause for people to see all over the world.
Players being role models and helpful. There has been a coalition led by Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin it is focused on social justice and problems that are important to the players. Also the league has donated close to 89 million dollars to fund its efforts. The coalition had started because of the death Corey Jones and many other things who was killed by a police officer. Corey Jones was a cousin of Anquan Boldin and now They are just trying to turn tragedy into hope and make life better for others. That is very helpful and smart of those people to be in the coalition to become role models to the young and old.
How NFL players help kids.
The new england Mccourty twins and other patriot players were shocked to see that median net worth of African-American households in Boston is $8 and the median net worth of white households is almost 250,000 so the state of massachusetts had prosecuted kids as young as 7.They are also concerned for kids that grown up in low income communities. Which therefore they attend bad school’s with lack of discipline and supplies. So they decided to take those kids and put them in a better school where they can learn and have fun. That is great for those kids and their family.
Football players are the most inspiring and most helpful people in America.They have done all those amazing things that I told you about. And that is how they are the most helpful and inspiring people in America The greatest country on the planet.

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