A Walk to Remember is my Favorite Movie

Published: 2021-08-29 00:00:07
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Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do, so when I received this assignment it was very difficult for me to chose just one movie, but I ended up going with “A Walk to Remember.” It is about a Christian girl named Jamie, and a carefree boy named Landon who gets through school on his looks and popularity.
This movie is one of my favorites for many reasons such as the fact that, the main character Jamie is not afraid to show people that her faith is the most important thing in her life. This movie also shows that it is possible for people who you would never think but they can change their ways. The main reason I really enjoy this movie is because it is a love story, and who does not enjoy a good romance movie that will make you have all the feels.
Jamie was true to her beliefs and did not care if they were not cool. She was harassed constantly by her fellow classmates about her beliefs but she still persevered. Jaime was very involved in afterschool activities such as: school plays and even tutored students.
This movie also shows the fact that it is possible for someone to change their ways. Landon was involved in a prank that turned bad and another student was put in the hospital because of the injuries he acquired. As a consequence the principle says he will either get expelled or he could tutor students, and perform in the play. Obviously he chooses the play and tutoring.
This is where he becomes closely acquainted with Jamie, he then asks her to help him with his lines for the play. Landon then starts to unexpectedly fall for Jamie, even though that is the last person he thought he would fall in love with. They start to go on a couple dates. Then Landon begins to change for the better thanks to Jamie, he stops caring about what his friends think, and he does not care about popularity anymore.
Like most love stories this is a sad one, Jamie had leukemia and her body was not responding to the treatment. She begins getting worse and worse and is finally sent to the hospital. Knowing that their time together was fleeing by fast Landon tries to do everything to help Jamie. He builds her a telescope so she can see an one time comet, her father helps him so they will finish in time. During the comet Landon ask Jamie to marry him and she says yes, they then get married in the same church as her mother was. They spent their very last summer together that year. 

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