A Selfish and Excessive Desire

Published: 2021-08-23 13:20:07
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Greed, what is greed, I searched on the website and the definition is “a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed.” For me, I think greed means insatiable, and never will be satisfied. People who are greedy never think about whether they really need these things, and things they greed may belong to others. Then, is greed a good thing or a bad thing? It depends. Everything got two sides, but for greed, I think the bad side takes more. When people what more fame, wealth, or status, people always fall into the hole called greed, and that’s make people go deeper and deeper. For example, to having a great grade, work harder is the best way, but what if there don’t have any ideal results after many tries? Some people will choose negative methods to get reach ideal grades, like cheating, and that’s make the original intention changed. So, I think, greed is not a good thing, and if we keep like that, the society will become a messy.
From my point of view, I don’t think greed is a necessary part in a free market economic system. Greed is like the cheese for a well-done pizza, it’s not that necessary, but sometimes it’s tastes good. I can’t deny that some markets need greed to get a better revenue, but I will keep my opinion that greed is not a necessary part in a free market economic system. Free market economic system got some disadvantages, first, lack of competition and high profits have enabled the company to drive high efficiency; second, power and wealth may not be distributed equally; finally, in the ethical sense, the free market economy may start from self-interest and may encourage selfishness. The concept of greed, materialism and power supremacy. In conclusion, I think greed is not a good thing. It might push a company get a better revenue, but it’s not a long-term method.

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