A Role Model of Amelia Earhart

Published: 2021-08-11 08:10:06
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Oh Amelia Earhart. You’ve heard of her, right? In 1897, Amelia was born to a mother named Amy, and a father named Edwin, and a sister named Muriel. Amelia had a hard childhood. Her father was drinking. If you don’t know what Drinking means, it means that her father was drinking a lot of alcohol. Because he was drinking a lot of alcohol, he didn’t have a good job. Not having a good job means no good money. Which tore Amelia’s family apart. Amelia’s mom could not handle it anymore. So the girls, Amelia, Amy, and Muriel, moved to chicago. I don’t know how Amelia did it. No father in her life for a few years. I couldn’t have been able to do that. So here proves, Amelia was a trooper from the beginning. It was a 40 minute plane ride. It payed $1. (Which was a lot of money back then.) As soon as we left the ground, I knew I, myself had to fly! Says Amelia Earhart. This was when, it all started.
In 1920, Amelia’s mom and dad got back together. Now that they were back together, the
Earhart family decided to move to California, Los Angeles. I  guess they needed some warm weather! By this time Amelia was now 23 years old. She needed a job. So Amelia got one. Not even one, several. She worked several jobs to earn some money. You would think Amelia would want to be saving money for college, but no. Amelia decided to not go to college. Instead she was saving all her money for flying lessons with her friend, Anita Snooks. I think Anita really motivated Amelia to start flying.
                In 1927, was the day that changed Amelia’s life. She got a phone call from the one and only, Captain Hilton Railey. He said, he could make Amelia the first woman to fly a plane. Amelia could not pass down this opportunity. One year later, Amelia actually did it! Not only was she the first woman to fly a plane, she was the first woman for a lot of things. Amelia was the first woman to fly from Hawaii to California.
        Two years later, 1929, Amelia competed in the Cross Country Air Race for Woman. It is a founded organization called the Ninety-Nines You know, 99’s. The name was named after the first 99 members. Which I think is pretty clever.
 In 1934, Amelia even flew across the Atlantic ocean. I know, not that big of a deal. She just rode on a plane. Wrong! Amelia flew across the Atlantic Ocean by herself! On her own! The total flight was 13 hours and 30 minutes. Amelia is famous now! I think that is a good accomplishment. I would never be able to do that.
        June of 1937, Amelia went on a quest. She went to fly all across the world. SHe was very determined. Amelia thought she had a pretty good chance. She thought wrong. Amelia Earhart never came back. Amelia’s wheels never touched the gravely runway. No one knows what happened to her and the plane. Her passengers were also not found. We remember Amelia today as a role model. She didn’t let anything keep her from doing what she loves. Flying.

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