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Published: 2021-08-06 08:35:06
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Holy yoga is a movement that combines exercise with Christian practices. In its core, it attempts to adopt the spiritual content of Yoga to a Christian worldview. Although the practice was initially conducted in the Catholic tradition, it has penetrated into evangelical churches. To understand the nature of holy yoga, I will present the past interview that was attended by Halima Isu, Zoe Shiparski, and Holly Flaig.
The interviewees are students from Miami University, who attended a past holy yoga event at the college premises. When asked about the the date and time when the event took place, Halima Isu answered that the holy yoga took place on 24th October, 2018 as from 6.00 p.m. The answer was approved by the other interviewee, who nodded their heads with approval. The question about the venue of the event was answered by Zoe Shiparski who indicated that the holy yoga took place at Sesquicentennial Chapel, a dedicated house of prayer that is situated at the premises of Miami University. When asked about the reason why they attended the holy yoga, the interviewees gave different answers. To begin with, Halima Isu indicated that she attended the event due to the influence of her peers. ??Being a popular occasion at the university, I was motivated by pleasant stories from my friends, especially those who are regular members of holy yoga. Thus, I attended the function because I was moved by the desire to know what happens at a holy yoga event”
She further added that she was motivated by the desire to know how yoga can be holy. According to Zoe Shiparski, the drive to attend the event was based on the desire to enhance her physical and spiritual fitness. She clarified that the exercises build strength, endurance, and flexibility. ??Holy yoga has been beneficial to me, especially during my time of distress. The exercise helps in managing and controlling stress. Moreover, holy yoga has helped me to acquire a deeper knowledge of the self and a fervent faith in God, ” Shiparski said. From the answers of Holly Flaig, it was evident that holy yoga can be addictive. The participant narrated how she has been a regular attendant of the exercise. It was interesting to note that the interviewee can become sick if she fails to attend the holy yoga. She also said that she liked the exercise because it could help her to deepen her faith in God. She added ??the exercise has enabled me to acquire a deep knowledge of the self, hence uniting my body with the spirit. Besides, the exercise has helped me to control my weight and have a deeper knowledge and control of the self”.
On the issue of how the exercise was conducted, Halima Isu revealed that the event took place in a silent room. It was clear that before they began the exercise, the instructor asked them to remove their shoe, change their attire, and switch off the phones. ??After choosing our favorite yoga style, we warmed up, and stretched as we controlled our breathing. We did the exercise several times with the aid of the instructor. We stretched our muscles as we breathed in and out,Zoe Shiparski added. Holly Flaigconcluded that during the whole session, Christian music played as they chanted religious songs and recited biblical verses. ??Eventually, we relaxed with Savasana as we contemplated the enriching experience”, she said.

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