A Historical Man Alexander the Great

Published: 2021-07-20 05:20:05
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Whenever people, myself included, hear the name “Alexander the Great”, an image of a historical man may come into mind or they may have heard that name before. Well, with the curiosity of knowing what makes this man “great”, I took it upon myself and snuck into a science museum to use the infamous time machine. The science museum’s name will not be mentioned as for it could bring me a great amount of trouble for utilizing the time machine without permission. I was so lucky that the time machine had a closet that provided clothing from the era in which it landed in. I put on the garment and stepped out into the 324 BCE. While I traveled back in time, it became my obligation to discover more about Alexander the Great, so I decided to get to know him better by doing a one-on-one interview. It was not easy to locate Alexander as for he had just reached Pasargadae during this time. Without giving up, I was able to get past his loyal army and guards, making myself seem as a true devoter to Alexander. After being able to get close to Alexander the Great, I know that this was my chance to interview him. Don’t worry, I did not disrupt the space-time continuum as for everything was the same, when I returned back to the present time. The only thing that changed was my knowledge on Alexander the Great.
For my fellow audience reading my interview, there is some background information of Alexander the Great that should be known before continuing on. Alexander the Great was able to accomplish so much in such a little time! At the age of 20, Alexander the Great was inherited his father’s Macedonian kingdom after King Philip II’s assassination. This tragic event was the first step into Alexander’s conquest. Alexander the Great was able to conquer Tyre in just seven months, this is impressive considering that Tyre was an island. He also founded various distinct cities, which were all named “Alexandria”. With loyal military men by his side, Alexander was able to successfully besiege, over run, and conquer various cities from Greece to India. Sadly, he did not live long to be able to enjoy his accomplishments, since he died around the age of 32 in Babylon.
Now with the acknowledgement of the Alexander the Great’s background information, we may now commence this interview. YA: In your battles, you would ride on your precious horse Bucephalas. What made this horse so special than any other horse? ATG: (He looked at me suspiciously as if he did not trust me.) Bucephalas, it was thought to be an unmanageable horse, so my father did not want to buy it. It was a nice black stallion who was manageable with the right courage or skills. I was determined to prove to my father and his friends that I had the skills and courage to manage this horse. After I proved them wrong, Bucephalas went with me in my battles.

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