A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley

Published: 2021-08-03 06:55:06
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Act 1 Can your past life affect your present life? In the film of ‘A Christmas Carol’ Scrooge visited his past life and it affected his present. The film has a written script called the play. There are many similarities between the movie and the play but also differences. Some similarities and differences between ‘A Christmas Carol’ are characters, setting, and strengths and limitations. One similarity and difference between the film and the play of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is the characters. Another similarity and difference of the film and play of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is the setting. The strengths and Limitations of the film and play of ‘A Christmas Carol’ had many pros and cons. One reason that the play and the film of ‘A Christmas Carol’ had similarities and differences is the characters. One similarity that the film and the play had was the attitude of Ebenezer Scrooge. The played told us Ebenezer Scrooge character traits as gloomy, miser, grumpy, etc. The film and the play showed that Scrooge was a miser and grumpy. This had an impact on the reader/listener because this shows that Scrooge wasn’t the nicest person to talk to or the person you would hang out with. In both the film and the play Scrooge said things that made him a miser, grumpy, etc. For example, when the nephew invited Scrooge over for dinner, Scrooge replied, I’d rather see myself dead than see myself with you family! However, in the play it identified Scrooge as these things through Jacob Marley. In beginning of they play it started with a monologue with Jacob Marley defining Scrooge’s character traits. One difference is in the film it does not start like that. You had to identify Scrooge attitude/character traits by watching the film. One way to identify Scrooge’s character traits is that he didn’t talk as much, he wore all black, etc. Another example, is how the play and the film described Jacob Marley. One similarity is that both, the film and the play, had Marley, a ghost, who had to wear a long chain because of his past life with Ebenezer.
One differences was that in the play it described Marley as Scrooge’s partner that acted the same way as young Scrooge. It also described Marley as obsess with Scrooge. It shows this in scene 1 Marley said, Scrooge was my sole executor, my sole administrator, my sole assign In the film, Jacob acted like he was innocent and Scrooge made him the way he was. This proves that the character development is different in the play than in the film of the movie ‘A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley Act 1’. These similarities and differences described the main characters in the play and the film of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Another analogy and opposition between the play and the film of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is the setting. In both the play and the film it started with a sadder feel. They both gives reasons that Scrooge is living a miserable life. In the play, it started at Scrooge’s shop called ‘Scrooge and Marley’s’. Inside the shop it’s Scrooge and his clerk Cratchit. The shop is cold because it’s the winter and Scrooge doesn’t turn on the heat.
When Cratchit tried to heat himself up, Scrooge told him this. What are you doing Cratchit? Acting cold, are you? and Scrooge continued with Well, save your breath, Cratchit! Unless you’re prepared yourself to find employ elsewhere! This gives the reader an idea about Scrooge’s attitude. For example, it can give the reader an idea that since the environment Scrooge be in, it can translate to his attitude. In the film, the setting started at Marley’s funeral. This gives the reader/listener a feel and environment of the movie. Scrooge really didn’t say much at the funeral. He wore all black, and he creeped people out because he didn’t say anything. This shows that the setting is developed different in the play of the movie than in the film version of it. He developed different settings, but still gave off the same feel and mood of the story. The strengths and Limitations of the play and film of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is the pros and cons. The pros on the play was the stage directions, the monologue Jacob Marley gave about Scrooge, and dialogue. The stage directions helped the readers know what was going on in the play, was the characters did, etc. They helped on what the was going on in the play because they gave us details on the play. For example, ghostly music in auditorium.
A single spotlight on Jacob Marley This gives virtualization of the scene. The monologue really helped the scene too. It gave character traits and expectation of Scrooge. The cons of the play was that it really couldn’t understand some characters. For example, it really didn’t describe Jacob Marley. They never gave us details on him. Some details it could’ve gave us was how did he die, what kind of an impact did he have on Scrooge, etc. The pros of the film was that it virtualize Scrooge’s mood, it had a great setting, etc. It virtualize Scrooge’s mood by what he was saying and what he was doing to his face. Scrooge wasn’t talking much. He only would talk if someone talked to him. He wore all black to the funeral that kinda creeped people out. He always frowned up his face that made him look mad all the time. It had a great setting because it started at the funeral. This gave questions like what happened at Marley’s funeral? This setting really impact the mood of Scrooge.
The cons of the film was that it didn’t include the relationship of Scrooge and Marley. This could’ve gave the watchers an idea of how close Scrooge and Marley was and what kind of an impact Marley’s death had on Scrooge. In conclusion, even through the play and the film of ‘A Christmas Carol’ had many similarities and differences, they both was a from of entertainment. More people should check the book and the film version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ out because it is very entertaining to read/watch. One correlation and unlikeness was the characters. Another analogy and opposition was the setting. Some strengths and limitations of ‘A Christmas Carol’ was the pros and cons. More people should check the play and the film versions of it out because it’s interesting to read/watch.

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