A Case of Earthquake in my Life

Published: 2021-08-04 00:20:05
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During the earthquake, I will be in 2nd period and the period is 20 mins from being over, and i’ll be doing my homework early and Mr. Crowell tells us to get under our desks and that an earthquake will be striking in a few minutes max.  So we do and don’t you know it  did and everyone started screaming and crying.  After the first quake I stay still and wait for further instructions, then Mr. Crowell starts yelling at us to get out of the building.  We all start to get up and were all looking around the building and it is very dusty due to the ceiling crumbling, some are crying, some are scared, and some are covering their ears.  I’m covering my mouth and eyes because the dust hurts my eyes.  Once Mr. Crowell starts leaving we all run behind him,clinging close to him trying not to loose him through the thick dust.  I try to find my friends by yelling for them, but through all the screaming no one can hear me.  Once we exit the building I hear screaming all around me not from just the kids but mostly everyone I look at the fence and cars have crashed and the ambulance is showing up with the rest of the forces.  The teachers are telling everyone to calm down and everyone is going to be fine.
        My family and I have agreed to stay at school until I can call them or they pick me up.  So I stay at school and then I see my dad’s work truck pull into the school parking lot.  He gets out and we hug for a few seconds and when I look into the truck I see my Brother, Sister, and my Step-Mom.  I quickly get into the back and buckle and my dad gets out of the lot and starts driving really fast.  He says there should be a tsunami coming in thirty minutes or so, so we need to get as far East as possible.  This is the best plan because my parents never told me to go anywhere so staying would be the best idea because it is the first place I know they would check, and my dad’s truck is a four wheel drive so we could go off the road to get somewhere fast.
 We pass my apartment and it’s completely destroyed. My dad says he put our earthquake preparedness kit in the truck, he said it should contain enough supplies to last us a week and a half.

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