A Biography of Maya Angelou

Published: 2021-08-02 16:50:09
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Maya Angelou was born in the state Louis,Missouri on April 4, 1928  She was the Daughter of two  hardworking parents, Bailey Johnson who was a doorkeeper and Vivian Johnson who was a nurse. Eventually, Maya Angelou parents were divorced just when she turned three years old. At a young age her brother Bailey that was eight years and herself and their grandmother were living in a very small town called Stamps in Arkansas where she absorbed many religious faith and would have to wear old-fashioned courtesy  due to the old  traditional African American lifestyle . In her early childhood years Maya Angelou was raised with her brother Bailey during  in the racial segregated South by her paternal grandmother. She earned a scholarship on a drama school . While living there she also go  several part time job as a table dancer in a nightclub, work in a mechanic shop,and worked in restaurants. She was one of the first women to be a black female cable car conductor.One of many struggles she faced was finding her true identity,growing up there were a few obstacles she had to face and they were very tuffing, making her the women she is today.One of them is becoming homeless with her son Guy and living outside of a parking lot . When she was at  the age of fourteen, she had decided to drop of out her studies and fell in love and gave birth to a child named Guy.  She eventually decided to run away at the age of 16 and considered to live a different lifestyle causing her to become a single parent trying to support herself and her child by working late shifts as a waitress nonetheless, she never gave up on her dreams and goals.
          Meanwhile Dr. Maya Angelou had worked as a writer producer on the television for  one of the best media network called the  20th century fox 20th. She had written a powerful screenplay  for Georgia,Georgia, including many other several   scripts on the television. For example, sister,sister. In the early 1998, she also tried to make her first attempt in the filming career and directed with a movie named  Down in Delta. Before becoming one of America’s most admired writers. Throughout, her empowering writings and poems, she had motivated a generation of African Americans woman who had to struggle to overcome prejudice,  discrimination, and,abuse sadly, at the age of seven , she had been  raped by her mother’s boyfriend  and swore to never speak a word again because she believed she caused her rapist  his death. Eventually Maya Angelou had been retreated into a voluntary silence for about  five years or more. When she was brought to stay in stamps to live with her great grandmother , Angelou was  helped and supported by two very strong independent women, her mother,Mrs. Bertha who made her feel comfortable to speak again.
Although Angelou writes of her actual experiences growing up and living as a black girl and a black woman in the American South, she also connects her experiences to those of all black women dealing with racism, sexism, and isolation. Her book would always send out an important message to the world about convention and stereotype   but mostly  to women to have empowerment and be confident in their own female skin and acceptance. Fighting for gender equality and this poem is a phenomenal example of her poetic identity. She expresses that black woman can do anything and also fights for racial equality. Her wise  words in her poetry didn’t just come from her heart, they were explaining life, love, and concepts that were very abstract and obscure became clear through her poetry.
 One strength was Maya Angelou is referring to herself that she is a phenomenal woman and she leaving a mark for other women  to follow. She describing her  poem through her confidence  the ways she walks,the rhythm of her hips and the way she smiles on line 30-31. In the book it also mention that one of Maya Angelou’s secrets is that she is leaving behind for women that will touch their hearts to lead them to being a phenomenal women. the tone and the mood of the poem phenomenal men phrases the joy in my feet the sun of my smile also the click of my heel  to create a feeling of joy while in the song I was here  in the book the tone of the song it was aspiring. Indeed she wanted to achieve so many things like leaving a mark to the world so that everyone knew what she was fighting for. Just how her poem Caged Bird is an example description of a caged bird that is able to see another bird outside the window but the caged bird is trapped with his clipped wings and his feet are very tied and begins to sings in pain. Then the caged bird wants to be set and dream of flying far away from the world but id trapped in the caged . Also, To Beat The Child Was Bad Enough The poem is about the innocence of a child and how it is taken away when a child is beating leaving them alone and mute because when a child is abused, the lose their sense of speech and are afraid to speak. Maya’s perspective of the poem highlights the tragedy of her childhood when she had been raped by monster also known as her mother’s boyfriend and  became mute. While reading the poem the tone of the poem changes to fear because you can see the change of events in the poem’s story.
A few years back Maya Angelou came out with an album titled Caged Bird Songs. This contemporary Hip Hop album came out November, 04,2014 includes songs like: Still I Rise, Africa, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, and ten more other songs. Angelou’s voice does not sound like any other female artist in today’s mainstream music. Angelou’s voice is powerful. She is reciting the lyrics more like spoken word over raw beats. Although she is older Maya Angelou is still rapping, if that’s not inspiring then, I do not know what is. Angelou’s title for her album is Caged Bird Songs, similar to one of her books titled, I Know Why The Caged Birds Sing, (a great piece of literature). The caged bird could symbolize her, not only is this a genuine title, but meaningful to those who know the real meaning of what it means and have actually read the book that connect to the title. The artwork for her album is simple yet, clever.
The album has a bird and the color of the bird is golden colored, which can demonstrate angelou’s heart, Golden hearted. Although she did die, her legacy will continue to live and that has be proven by the success of her new album. This is not her first, she has made another album. Angelou’s family has helped this album become successful. Especially her grandson. What do the lyrics have that are so meaningful? Well, let me break it down, like a B-boy. The album is entirely based on what Dr. Maya Angelou’s poetry would have, especially on black and women empowerment. Maya Angelou quotes,A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
       Threw this journey I’ve learned that Maya uses imagery consistently in her poem to create a physical imager of a woman who loves herself and is very self confident. She also uses imagery to describe her physical features but the irony in this poem is that the American stand of beauty is to have sharp features like having the perfect body or perfect skin tone. Indeed she uses a lot of metaphors through her poems in the book. Nonetheless, she uses repetitions to stress certain phrases to emphasize the main idea of the poem that she is  a phenomenal women .
Lastly, Women are important to society, not only do we make babies to keep the human race alive, but we are important too because women have been thought to be less than men and that has to be proven wrong. Glorifying women for having  all the empowerment to surpass many obstacles that all women have undergone needs to be done a lot more often, but in fact our society created a month for all women and its meaning to it is delivering a message across the world letting others know that women will continue to fight for that they believe is right.

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