12 Angry Men Boy’s Fate

Published: 2021-07-16 13:30:06
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Twelve Angry Men was a movie about the decision of a boy’s fate in a murder trial. There were a dozen juror’s making the final decision whether he was guilty or not of murdering his own father. In the beginning the majority was thinking he was guilty but towards the end they all came around and changed their minds. There were different ideas and what if’s discussed by the different jurors in the movie. There was one juror that displayed all levels of leadership and that was juror #8. Juror #8 was the only juror to use laissez faire style of leadership in the film. There were a couple of different jurors that displayed the democratic style by trying to involve everyone in the room to give their honest opinions and feelings towards the situation. Affiliative leadership was also used in the film by controlling arguments or disagreements between others but also listened to everyone’s point of view about how they believe it happened. Five leadership traits were all used throughout this film they include integrity, self confidence, sociability, intelligence, and determination each one was clearly used.
The one juror that stuck out the most for me during this movie would be Juror #11 a salesman, was more concerned with deciding a verdict in time for a baseball game than doing justice. He is rarely anything but brutally honest about his feelings. He’s anxious to get started and tried to get the gatekeeper to get it started. He also is negative about a lot. He’s in a hurry to get done. He is still more worried about getting to his game he is so impatient with the others he’s ready to get an agreement so they can leave. He just can’t believe that some of the jurors are changing their mind now. He doesn’t believe that people will change to be all the same now he wants a hung jury in front of the court. Changed his vote to not guilty because he is tired of the yackety yack so he changed it. He appeared to be one of the main sources of humor in the film. Most of the other members were okay with his humor throughout the movie but by the end of the movie the other jurors had had enough of him making jokes when this was a serious situation.
In the end it was decided that the boy is found not guilty because they looked at all avenues presented. With everything they could discuss and came to a unanimous conclusion completely the opposite from the initial vote at the beginning of the movie. Several jurors brought up items and played the devil’s advocate and took it upon themselves to act as a leader in different roles throughout the film. Some of the jurors were influenced by leadership throughout this movie that is for sure.

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