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Published: 2021-06-19 02:55:07
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Critical evaluation
The web authoring tool and languages used were Dreamweaver MX, HTML and Javascript.
Dreamweaver MX has a very busy user interface, which can prove a little overpowering to the less experienced web developers. Intermediate level users may find Dreamweaver MX very useful, as little knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is required to produce basic web sites. For more dynamic web sites Dreamweaver can be a bit frustrating. The software does have a habit of producing HTML code on the fly, when it attempts second -guess what the developer was trying to achieve.
The use of Javascript promotes the efficiency of the website due to the fact that it is a client-side scripting language. One of the main advantages of this is the speed of running code immediately on the client-side, negating the need to contact the web server with any queries and then having to wait for the server to perform the query and return any results. This functionality also means that server-side processing is cut down thus reducing the demand on the web server. For the purposes of this assignment, Javascript is more than capable of delivering the type of functionality necessary.
The designed framework has been produced using Dreamweaver MX and basic Javascript functionality. There are elements of the current framework that can be easily built on to react to change, such as the simple, but effective table templates that I have used for this project. Also, because the code, both HTML and Javascript, have been clearly commented and correct naming conventions used, this should help if any other developers where to take on this project and further develop it at a later stage.
There should have more use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for this development as this helps to change any common fonts and attributes for the web site. Any appearance changes that would be required at a later date can be implemented at a single point when CSS are used.
With regards to the implementation of on-line registration and payment functionality there are a multitude of plug-in packages available that are easily integrated with the most basic of web pages. The vast majority of these packages fit seamlessly into any web site’s design and remove the need for complex programming from the web developer.
Whilst developing this website I found the use of Dreamweaver MX very frustrating for some of the reasons highlighted earlier in this evaluation. The resizing of images to fit into a particular area of a web page can be very hit-and-miss when working in the design mode of Dreamweaver. Also, the differences in the web page layout can differ dramatically between the development environment and viewing the page in a browser. Sometimes, a lot of trial and error is needed to accomplish the desired results.
Being a .Net and VB6 programmer, I found the Javascript syntax radically different. Even the simplest of data manipulation can prove to be demanding, and often a little research is needed to ensure the correct syntax is implemented.
One anticipated problem in developing the website further would be the necessary interaction with a web server in order to process both registration and payment details, and how this would be implemented. One of the more widely used programming languages that allow developers to access databases is PHP (PHP Hypertext Pre-processor). This way of processing user requests can often mean that the developer will use trial and error in determining what works and what doesn’t.
In order to safeguard competitive advantage in today’s marketplace it is essential that a company has the correct procedures and processes in place to ensure that existing products/facilities are continually developed. Allied to this, any new developments need to be made available to the marketplace in as quick a time as feasibly possible.
This means that any web services need to incorporate the above also. Web site design is a rapidly developing area in itself and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are keen to ensure the protocols and guidelines are in place to standardise use of the web.
To help companies streamline their processes and provide a simple way to integrate current systems with new ones, new technologies like XML (Extensible Markup Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) have been introduced. These are all part of an integrated web based service called Web Services.
The move to this approach is essential for any company wishing to maintain a competitive advantage and provide a more efficient approach to business processes.
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