“Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi: Superb Memoir

Published: 2021-07-30 18:50:07
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As Marjane grows up in her war-torn country, Tehran, with various wicked leaders, she starts to see things for what they really are at a young age. Starting right after the 1979 with the Iranian Revolution, Ms. Satrapi opens up the book with describing the changes made to her school just when she was just six years old. The whole book can be easily understood by the use of comic like pictures, short sentences, and speech balloons of each panel. Satrapi uses simple vocabulary that can be easily understood even with using context clues. Also, it didn’t make the book boring because you had pictures to go with it. Even though the pictures were in black and white, I believe it added a deeper to the text because we rely on colors so much to understand the world around us. The pictures were also very detailed and went perfectly with the sentences. Moreover, seeing themes of love, coming of age and family made the book more understandable because she experienced real life experiences which is somethings that can be related to.
As Satrapi grows up and goes through what life throws at her, she continues to keep her head high and accepts what is being thrown. When the Shah is overthrown, Marji and her peers start to see the results such as wearing veils, the burning of books and gender like classes. She starts to show great interest in the regime and revolution and considers her favorite book to be Dialectical materialism at a very young age. She also participated in demonstration at a young age and listened to her parents talk about the regime, the Shah, and the country as a whole. She learns lessons about her family past from her parents and beloved Uncle Anoosh. Marjane thinks that her Beloved Uncle Anoosh is a true hero in her eyes. Their bond was inseparable and she learned so much from him before he was arrested and eventually executed. Which was extremely disheartening because she loved him.
In my perspective, I think this book should be read by everybody. Even though sometimes autobiographies get boring, this wasn’t an ordinary autobiography. Moreover, it doesn’t does drag on, it moves at a fast pace. So many lessons can be learned from reading this book. Satrapi makes the book humorous so it wouldn’t be boring, however there were times that would make you want to cry or even cringe. The lessons taught are much deeper and were effectively communicated. Some of the things she experienced shouldn’t be experienced by any child. I think that children should be able to freely go outside without worrying about their country being attacked at any moment. However, that was just one thing her, her family, and country had to worry about. Living in constant fear isn’t the way a child should spend their childhood.

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