“A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah

Published: 2021-08-23 07:15:08
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Most of the world’s conflicts since 1945 happened in third worlds countries. “Third world” was first used during the Cold War. It is used to describe countries that are “not developed as much as other countries and faces economic, social, political, environmental and other issues”. Although, the words aren’t used as much now because it is being replaced with “least developed counties” or “developing counties”. Conflicts happen mainly when poverty, political, social, and inequalities are present between the groups such as countries or even people. Wars in countries have heavy human, economic, and social costs and are a major cause of poverty and underdevelopment.
In the novel A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah is about a solider boy, Ishmael Beah, who was forced to join the army. He lost his home and his family and was trying to survive during the civil war in Sierra Leone. Once Beah leaves he realizes that no side has technically won, and many lives have been destroyed. Sierra Leone was weak politically and economy, also the people within the country were not treated equally. There were many incidents reported that government physically violated their own citizens. As in the novel, A Long Way Gone, there were cases of forced labor for children and many citizens were used unwilling to shield the government. A weak government that turns on their own people instead of helping them or providing aid is the reasoning why “third world” countries often have conflicts. They feed on to the war instead of trying to stop it. If the government turns its back on the people who they are supposed to help, then other countries will do the same. They see that the leaders walking over their people, other countries won’t take them seriously.
Another important aspect is that third worlds often lack assistance from developed countries. In the reading, In Search of Fatima by Ghada Karmi, is about a Palestinian family who must move from their hometown because of war. Deir Yasin massacre people: set on fire, shot with machine guns, ties to trees. This is an example of third world being weakened by the social, economic, and political reasons. The people fear the government because of the actions that are taken. Thus, if the government is killing their own people conflict is to come because the people will try to overturn the government. Not only that natives who fear the government will not help them in times of war.
The aid to help the people was a long process and while the vote in United Nation was taking place many people were suffering and losing homes. The War of Independence destroyed Palestinian society and destroyed many Arabs from their homes. Britain handed over the problem to the United Nations, while the UN was deciding what to do, Jerusalem and Jewish neighborhoods were not able to receive supplies, food, water, or shelter. Since these are “third world” there is little focus trying to stop the problem fast and since the government could not take control, they leave the burden to another person. Thus, socially there isn’t much effort in trying to take care of the citizens.
In the reading, The World Transformed, were Vietnamese peasants that did not have many options on what they could do. Viet Cong smuggled in weapons and troops into Ky La. Hayslip described when attacks happened her father would warn them, and they would try to be as discreetly as they could. Viet Cong managed often murdered innocents and leaving children homeless. The peasants were not able to leave because Viet Cong were so controlling. Since the peasants were poor and society taught them that they were to obey and “stay in their position”, they often did not question the Viet Cong, and many were willing to die. The peasants were poor and did not have much to sacrifice and they were uneducated. Eventually the peasants became scared of the Viet Cong, as scared as they were of the Republicans who were the supposed enemy. Society had taught these people to be willing to die rather then to live. Their own people, Viet Cong, were taking advantage of them and doing what they had pleased with the peasants. Also, education plays a big role in third world conflicts. Because the people lack education, they do not know nay better then to follow directions. Fear is another proposition in why there is conflict in third worlds.
There by far many reasons why conflicts world happens in third world, some of the reasons are because of the lack of assistance, political, economic, and social. If the own government cannot take care of its own problem or people how are others supposed to care? Instead of the government helping their people, they are destroying them. At times aid from other developing countries is taking one’s time when lives are in danger. Thus again, showing the inequalities and yet again causing more harm to the ones who are suffering. The lack of education is often the case in why conflicts happen, without education people became fearful.

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