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Thanks for visiting us once again. We are currently in the process of rebuilding our site in the focus niche of business reviews and advice from an unbiased, third party perspective. Each week we will attempt to analyze a business niche or corporate office- give you our experience, what you should expect as a consumer, and advice for you when it comes to purchasing or shopping. Each month we will have a different theme of business sectors. This month of October, we will be focusing on the finance industry.

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HarvardInteractiveMedia.org is a professional review website that strives to provide you with valuable information regarding consumer purchasing. Every month we review a different business niche. This month of October: Finance

Featured Article -
Calculating Reverse Mortgages

I am writing this article to update everyone on my experience with obtaining the Reverse Mortgage on my home. I started out searching the world wide web for companies and Banks that could help me navigate through the process. I searched for information based sites and quickly came across ReverseMortgageSpace.com. After a lot of research and information, I was educated on the most basic to the most complicated issues, qualifications and guidelines that Reverse Mortgage Lenders require. The agent that I dealt with, Kelly, was very patient and super knowledgeable. She explained the many options that are available to Senior homeowners like myself. She also understood the importance of getting me to someone local so most of the process could be done face to face. Her professionalism and knowledge clearly showed me that the company she worked for actually cared about the consumer.

To understand my situation better, she confirmed all the information that I had submitted on their Reverse Mortgage calculator and made sure that my expectations were realistic. She also asked about my needs and goals in obtaining a Reverse Mortgage. Once she confirmed all of my information, she transferred me to one of their available lenders in my state of California. She assisted and spoke the language with my lender to better let them know what I was looking for and made me feel like I had them on my side. Their was a sense of help that I cant say I have ever had while shopping for a service related consumer product. The process from start to finish was extremely smooth and I felt like I got the best deal available. The Home Equity line of Credit was the Reverse Mortgage product that fit my needs the best. It gave me the flexibility of a Line of Credit , without all of the income and asset requirements of a traditional mortgage.

There has been a recent update, specifically for couples which should be researched. This did not apply to me before I got the loan but was advised only afterwards.